Lyme Disease Treatment

See Dr. Julia  featured in an article about Lyme Disease.

See Dr. Julia featured in a Boston Herald Lyme Disease Article.

Naturopathic Treatment of Lyme disease and Associated Co-Infections

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Here at Greenhouse Naturopathic Medicine, our doctors treat people of all ages with Lyme disease and other tick borne infections;  both acute and chronic.   Diagnosis and treatment are based on the following:

  • Treatment based on clinical symptoms even if lab work does not provide confirmation
  • Early use of antibiotics after a tick bite as the best way to minimize or eliminate chances of long term infection with tick borne disease
  • Utilization of longer courses of antibiotic treatment than what is recommended by Center for Disease Control
  • Treatment continued until symptoms are gone and then for a period of time after to reduce chances of re-occurrence
  • If necessary,  repeat use of antibiotics for recurrence
  • The whole system will be taken into consideration including preexisting chronic viruses, elimination capabilities, endocrine imbalance, and digestive health in order to assess overall immune health status.

Blending Naturopathic Medicine with Conventional Treatment Methods

Both natural and conventional medications are used to help resolve tick borne infection.  When it comes to Lyme disease, Babesia, Bartonella, Anaplasmosis, Mycoplasma, and other associated co-infections, the best outcomes are when both are used in conjunction.  These bacteria/parasites are very overwhelming for the human immune system and require the help of antibiotics.   However, the best outcomes are when the immune system, digestive tract, and detoxification pathways are supported with natural medicine to assist in killing the infections while also saving innocent cells from being harmed in the process.  Tick borne diseases are very strong, persistent infections requiring an aggressive approach.

Labs Used to Confirm Diagnosis and Monitor Treatment

  • Igenex
  • Quest
  • Labcorp
  • Neuroscience
  • Diagnostech
  • Genova Diagnostics
  • Dr’s Data

Natural Treatment Modalities for Lyme disease

  • Herbal Medicine
  • Homeopathy
  • Intravenous Therapy
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Amino acids, Enzymes, Minerals, Vitamins
  • Hydrotherapy

Treatment Goals

  • Enhance the response of the immune system
  • Improve detoxification pathways
  • Minimize medication side effects
  • Eliminate the bacteria
  • Restoration of health

Learn more at the International Lyme And Associated Diseases Society website.