Please see below for our policy on phone and email contacts between appointments, including when fees may be charged.

Questions for Your Practitioner Phone calls, emails, and other communications outside of formal appointments take up a lot of staff time. Please read the information below to find out which contacts may require a fee, as you may be charged for communications requiring more of the practitioner’s attention.

Your message will be reviewed by an appropriate staff member within 48 business hours.

Email Policy: Our goal is to give quality medical care to our patients. We find email communication more time consuming and less clear than a short conversation with us. Communications to our office with 1-2 simple and clear questions relating to your current medical plan – including medication, treatment plans can be answered quickly at no charge.

Questions by Phone as with email, very simple questions by phone will be answered.

*Communications requiring additional consideration will be referred for a 15-minute phone conversation with a practitioner, billed at their usual rate. This enables us to enhance the quality of your medical care, and allows us to devote the necessary amount of time to your requests.

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