Medical Ozone: The Element of Life

What is O3?

Oxygen (O2) is essential for life. We all know the element of oxygen is essential for the formation of water, it’s also a vital nutrient taken in by our blood supporting life to our tissues and in spiritual circles is referred to as the element of Love. Oxygen supports the love of life. When most people think of Ozone (O3) it’s associated with the protective layer in the stratosphere around planet to guard us from ultraviolet rays about 18 miles above the surface of the Earth[1].  It’s also created by lightning strikes. There is a constant ebb and flow of destruction and creation of ozone ever changing in the atmosphere naturally occurring.

History of Ozone as Medical Treatment

Nikola Tesla, who was the first to patent an ozone generator in 1896 in United States forming the “Tesla Ozone Company”, understood the potential benefits using ozone for medical purposes.  It was then used in World War I for topical infections due to its antimicrobial properties and still used today by placing a bag over the area of the wound filling it with ozone for direct impact over the tissue[2]. In the 1980’s, medical ozone was used to support healing from HIV when there was little to no treatment available for the epidemic at that time.

Often when we are faced with issues challenging human health which grow faster than we can find answers. In these times there are therapies utilized out of necessity and discoveries made which come to light faster due to urgency. We are in this same situation today with dealing with Long-Haul COVID-19 as well as trying to avoid the severe acute effects of it leading to drastic measures in ICU. Ozone is now more well known and part of the conversation for its powerful antiviral effects regarding the “cytokine storm” attacking lungs, the cardiovascular system and many other inflammatory pathways altering tissue function in COVID-19 patients[3]. Researchers are looking into the potential of this being a monotherapy for treatment, but most cases it will be adjunct therapy blended with other well know antiviral therapies and anti-inflammatory treatments. Ozone can help the body find resolution to chronic inflammatory pathways and reduce replication of the viruses.

Modern Applications for Medical Ozone

It has been over a century of continued research with deeper understanding of ozone benefits. Technology has advanced to make it more targeted, properly calibrated, and administered in a way that has little to no side effects. A well-known toxic effect is injury if ozone is inhaled, which does not happen when machines properly convert the ozone to oxygen in a closed system. In systems used with medical ozone there should be no release of ozone into the ambient air, only controlled release within closed systems to be administered medically.

Medical ozone has the versatility to treat infection, stimulate detoxification pathways, reduce inflammation, reduce the effects of aging, improve cognition, reduce pain, support healthy endocrine balance, stimulating healthy tissue growth (hair, cartilage) and reducing hypoxia (oxygen starvation) of tissue. Ozone also stimulates glutathione pathways in the body which is a powerful naturally occurring antioxidant and detoxifier[4]. There are many other beneficial biochemical pathways stimulated in the human body that ozone supports. This is well documented by peer-reviewed research.

Ozone can be used topically in infused oils and water to heal dental/gastrointestinal issues, injected into tissue like a joint to heal from injury/chronic pain with Prolozone and intravenously such as with 10-pass Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy to have a more widespread impact on systemic toxicity/inflammation/infection. This can help with multisystemic relapsing illnesses related to microbes such as Tick borne infections like Lyme disease and chronic viral infections.

Consider Medical Ozone for Treatment

Please call Greenhouse Natural Medicine at 603-249-6783 if you would like more information of the use of medical ozone. You also do not need to have an illness to reap the benefits of ozone therapy. It is very well regarded in the antiaging and preventative medicine circles to maintain optimal health as our bodies are challenged by the outside world.


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