Julia Greenspan, ND

Dr. Greenspan will be teaching online/in-person group classes in Shamanic Healing Arts in 2021.  


Energy healing can be hard to explain due to being experiential in nature and unique to each person. Each interaction is different depending on the needs of the person requesting healing and their own individual awareness. Dr. Greenspan blends multiple modalities when she is working with a client. She is clairsentient who is an empath getting information by sensing and feeling. These include a combination of auditory, physical sensations, emotions, visual data, mediumship and intuitive healing. She has been studying “Biofield Therapies” for almost a decade.  


Biofield therapies are methods using light, sound, color, magnetic frequencies, and other attunements to foster healing. The focus is to maintain objective-subjective experience with spirit and science blended together. These methods can help calm the nervous system, process trauma, improve sleep patterns, and enhance the immune system. Biofield therapies included Reiki, bioenergetics, biomagnetic pair therapies, applied kinesiology, homeopathy, plant spirit medicine, healing with stones/crystals, sound therapies (tuning forks, crystal singing bowls), and shamanic healing arts.  Dr. Greenspan is certified to teach Holy Fire Reiki, Shamanic Healing Arts, and Melchezedek Method. 


What to expect with a healing session? 


Trainings completed by Dr. Greenspan


Yi Ren Foundational Qigong Training (1 year)Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun


Shamanic Healing Arts 

Soul Retrieval Sandra Ingerman

Two Year Shamanic Teacher Training Sandra Ingerman

Death and Dying Dr. Gene Ang, Thomas Hubl

Way of the Melissa Naomi Lewis, India Rose Waters, and Deborah Willimott

Arcturian Healing Method (Levels 1-8) Dr. Gene Ang

Intergalactic Healing Methods (Levels 1-3) Dr. Gene Ang

Basic Compassionate Depossession Betsy Bergstrom – April 2021 


Esoteric Studies 

Biogeometry: Foundation and Advanced Training Dr. Robert Gilbert

Spiritual Empowerment Dr. Robert Gilbert

The True Rosicrucian and Holy Grail Traditions Dr. Robert Gilbert

Mystical Principles Thomas Hubl

Principles of Collective Trauma Healing Thomas Hubl


Biomagnetic/Bioenergetic Studies 

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy Moises Goiz

Microbioenergetics Dr. Miguel Ojeda-Rios

Mora 7 Layers of the Heart Technique Esther Mora 

Vibrational Testing and Healing Dr. Robert Gilbert 

Melchizedek Method (Certified Teacher) Joan Ruggiero

Holy Fire Reiki Master Certification Joan Ruggiero

Magnified Healing (all levels) Joan Ruggiero 


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