Biomagnetic Pair Therapy and Microbioenergetics in New England

Magnetic force on the planet Earth is a very important part of a healthy body/immune system. The application of magnets is a therapy that can be used in conjunction with any other treatment modality or a stand-alone therapy (excluding chemotherapy for cancer). This is used for many common microbial infections including bacteria, fungus, parasites, and viral infections. The tick-borne infections are included in the protocol, but microbes do tend to work in partnership to create an ideal environment to support their growth. This can beneficial or non-beneficial for us depending on the impact on the body.  

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy was developed by Dr. Issac Goiz Duran. It’s a non-invasive application of magnets on the body to change the flow of energy in specific locations in the body to support healthy pH levels shifting unhealthy patterns of inflammation due to the build-up of microbes/toxins. Changes in pH create an environment enhancing healing by either neutralizing the toxins or assisting the clearing of them. The locations are determined by asking the body yes and no questions referred to as applied kinesiology.  The body speaks in 1’s and 0’s, Yes or no. It’s all in the art of asking questions. The body has record of every moment we have lived as well as our ancestors through our DNA which is our book of life. 

Microbioenergetics, was developed by Dr. Miguel Ojeda-Rios. Dr. Ojeda-Rios spent many years studying with Dr. Goiz, deepening his practice in Biomagnetic Pair Therapy while teaching hundreds of students of his own. From there Microbioenergetics modality was developed to take the work deeper into the emotional, energetic, genetic, and transgenerational causes of disease with microbes.  His work helps illuminate why some people get sick with certain pathogens and others do not. The core of the work is that microbes are essentially our allies who are here to help us identify traumas and emotions which are out of balance. Most of these are unconscious issues that most clients had no idea were having an impact on their health.  These can even be traumas experienced by ancestors.  

Mora 7 Layers of the Heart Technique® was developed by Esther Mora. The Mora Technique is based on bioenergetic medicine, used to manage and balance the frequencies in an individual’s energy field. The heart receives and encodes emotions. When a human being is experiences negative emotions related to trauma such as fear, the heart processes these emotions and can hold onto non-beneficial emotions which reduce the bodies vitality. Many illnesses have an emotional origin (both known and unknown). When it’s resolved healing happens. This technique is structured with the intention that one will free themselves from harmful emotional cycles which impact our viral levels and balances one’s vital bio-energetic body/soul as well as chromosomes.

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