New England Biomagnetic Pair TherapyBiomagnetic Pair Therapy was developed by Issac Goiz Duran, M.D. This is the non-invasive application of magnets on the body to change the flow of energy in specific locations in the body to support healthy pH levels shifting unhealthy patterns of inflammation due to the build-up of microbes/toxins. There are The change in pH creates an environment enhancing healing by either neutralizing the toxins or assisting the clearing of them. Magnetic force on the planet Earth is a very important part of a healthy body/immune system.

The application of magnets is a therapy that can be used in conjunction with any other treatment modality or a stand-alone therapy (excluding chemotherapy for cancer). This is used for many common microbial infections including bacteria, fungus, parasites, and viral infections. The tick-borne infections are included in the protocol, but usually, the infections identified are a combination of all. There is usually not just one pathogen contributing to ill health and microbes do tend to work in partnership to create an ideal environment to support their growth.

Magnetic pairs placed on the body is chosen by asking the body itself. The body has an awareness of what it needs beyond our conscious awareness. This is done using a process called “applied kinesiology” commonly referred to as “muscle testing.” Dr. Greenspan and Dr. Green will do this by having you lie comfortably face up on a massage table. With most patients, the feet are used to ask specific yes or no questions which, depending on the answer will change the leg length to confirm the answer.

Once the magnets are placed, the body is asked how long the application will need to stay on the body to get the desired outcome. Usually, a session is an hour. You will be relaxing as the process unfolds and then resting comfortably as the magnets communicate with each other within your body. Common sensations felt on the table can be tingling, the sensation of cold/warmth, or a temporary mild intensity of symptoms such as a muscle twinge which quickly resolves. These are positive to have because of the confirmation the magnets are doing their work in your body. If these sensations are not felt, there may be changes experienced within 24-48 hours as the body clears the toxins. Again, this is the desired outcome because it leads to healing commonly referred to as a “healing crisis.” This is soon followed by resolution providing relief. The process may need to work in layers to fully resolve a deep imbalance but it can also work very quickly.

Please call the office if you have any additional questions. Please also refer to Microbioenergetics page or Mora 7 Layers of the Heart Technique, for these are usually a partnered therapies which goes more in-depth in the mental/emotional/spiritual connection with a microbial infection which can be related to family or individual patterns of trauma, both conscious and unconscious.

Dr. Julia Greenspan has been working with biomagnetic pair therapy and other bioenergetic therapies since 2016. Please call the office at (603) 249-5771 to book a Biomagnetic Pair Therapy visit.