Julia Greenspan, ND

Shamanic healing arts and energy medicine methods offered by Dr. Greenspan are meant to compliment all other forms of medicine; not replace it. It embraces all faiths and belief systems. It is a method of reconnecting to your power, compassion, self-awareness, and unconditional love by healing unresolved trauma. Dr. Greenspan can blend energetic healing with the professional medical knowledge and experience for well-rounded care. Each session is individualized bringing in multiple modalities based on the need of the client. No session is ever the same.

Dr. Greenspan is an avid reader in esoteric, quantum science, plant spirit medicine, shamanic healing, and psycho-spiritual literature. With a background in crisis management and moving through her own healing crisis, she is also experienced in assisting those who are having changes in their energy body that might be confusing and stressful.

Unresolved trauma can impact one mentally, emotionally, physically, and on a soul level. This loss of personal power can make it more difficult to fully recover from chronic illness or be in acceptance of our sensitivities. Many times, patterns of trauma move from generation to generation within families which overlap in an individual life. These persisting traumas change the frequencies in the human body that leave openings for illness to develop. Energy healing is rebuilding the energy bodies to have a healthier physical body and emotional/mental body in the future.

Everything has the potential for healing, no matter how devastating the experience. It only requires an openness to receive healing and patience with the process. It cannot be rushed or forced. It can be instantaneous or take time to unwind.

A shamanic practitioner is defined as someone who walks between the natural and supernatural world to work spiritual guidance on behalf of a client. They are the go-between and not the ones doing the healing work. The Shamanic Practitioner’s job is to maintain a safe environment, provide counsel, referrals as needed, and education on self-care methods such as meditation.

The sooner the stressor is addressed and released the body can return to the restful state where body systems work at their best. The human body just wants to be in balance with the internal and external environment on all levels of being.

An energy session last approximately an hour or more. Each session is unique.

Dr. Greenspan has received specialty training in the following (Click below):

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy (Trained in the Goiz Method)

Developed by Issac Goiz Duran, M.D. This is the applications of magnets on the body to change the flow of energy in regards to those carrying a positive or negative charge which impact the pH of tissue.

Microbioenergetics developed by Miguel Ojeda Rios, MD 

Melchizedek Method Level 1-5 (Teacher Certified) 

Magnified Healing Level 1-3

Medical Qi Gong Training for Self-Care with Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun

Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master

Integrated Energy Therapy IET

Arcturian Healing Method with Gene Ang, PhD

Classes are taken on an ongoing basis in quantum healing techniques steeped in the literature of esoteric science on topics of shamanism, death and dying, healing properties of colors, crystals, and meditation.

Shamanic Journeying and Soul Retrieval Training with Sandra Ingerman

One Year Apprenticeship in Shamanic Healing Arts with Leontine Hartzell 

Up Coming in 2018-2020:

Two-Year Shamanic Teacher Training Program with Sandra Ingerman 2018/2020

Sedona, Az.

Constellation Working Group (Family Constellation Therapy)

Watertown, MA 2018-2019