New England Shamanic & Energy HealingShamanic Healing Arts are a healing modality which has spanned many cultures for thousands of years. Its a method of tapping into the innate healing potential within every person by enhancing their personal power. When we have unresolved wounds, emotional blocks, traumas, and other factors in our lives which decrease our power we become more susceptible to becoming physically ill. Historically, many cultures understood that if traumas or conflicts were not resolved in a healthy amount of time, it could seed problems for the individual or for future generations. This is now being substantiated with the patterns studied in epigenetics.

Shamanism is a connection between the infinite potential for healing found in each individual spirit with the sciences of medicine and psychology. It is a beautiful addition which can be woven into any healing modality a patient is participating in. It can also stand alone if this is what is most needed for the patient. Most patient experiences are feelings of peace, deeper connection with intuition, reduced triggers in post-traumatic stress symptoms, better sleep patterns, and synchronicities in daily life which bring new opportunities for creativity and joy. Depending on patient awareness one may also experience visions, sensations, see colors, experience a deeper connection with others in the world, and awareness of the power within them.

Dr. Greenspan started her journey into studying shamanic healing methods in 2013 with her own healing crisis with tick-borne disease and personal trauma work. Whereas the physical medications worked to reduce the infection in the body, the energy healing provided with shamanic healing techniques were very important in healing deeper wounds which strengthened her mind and body. She continues to work with many teachers to refine and expand her knowledge into the practice to be a more present effective healer. This is an on-going learning process which is continually reinventing itself for what is needed for the patient at the right time.

There are ethics which are a constant. Respect for all belief systems, faiths, and backgrounds. The need for the patient to feel empowered, safe, teaching them to be in tune with their own inner wisdom and teaching methods which can be used in their daily life such as shamanic journeying and shamanic ceremony if this is something the patient wishes to learn. The primary goal is always to empower.

Dr. Greenspan has spent the majority of her time working with practitioners who have studied with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies started by Michael Harner, who authored several pieces of literature on the subject with the most popular being “The Way of the Shaman.” See below for Dr. Greenspan’s training experience:

Shamanic Journeying and Soul Retrieval Training with Sandra Ingerman

One Year Apprenticeship in Shamanic Healing Arts with Leontine Hartzell 

Arcturian Healing Method with Gene Ang, PhD

Classes are taken on an ongoing basis in quantum healing techniques steeped in the literature of esoteric science on topics of shamanism, death and dying, healing properties of colors, crystals, and meditation.

Two-Year Shamanic Teacher Training Program with Sandra Ingerman 2018/2020

Sedona, Az.

Constellation Working Group (Family Constellation Therapy)

Watertown, MA 2018-2019