Long Haul COVID

Greenhouse Natural Medicine has been treating acute COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 persisting symptoms with integrative medicine since 2020. Our doctors have been treating complex chronic illness rooted in chronic viral infections, as well as many other complex chronic infectious diseases for over 15-years prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our doctors are staying current with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control as well as protocols based in functional medicine and integrative research. Our goal is to have an approach rooted in common sense, observing commonality in the patient’s experiences, learning from the literature as well as from the practice of medicine as to what works.


If you have been told there is nothing to be done about Post COVID-19 or
Long Haul COVID, please contact us for an appointment.
We are having success with treatment.

We are all learning day-by-day the long-term impact of Long COVID-19 on the lungs, heart, and nervous system. Symptoms include new onset of allergies/food intolerances, digestive distress, hormonal imbalances, chronic fatigue, and brain fog. Diagnosis and treatment become more complex with other medical issues present in the body before COVID-19 infection. Many of the patients we treat are recovering from multiple bouts and exposures.

We treat Long Haul COVID using a combination of herbs, nutrient therapy, 10-pass hyperbaric intravenous ozone therapy, intravenous nutrient therapy, supportive prescriptions as needed, and identifying other issues creating a barrier to healing. We work with the immune system to help it overcome persisting symptoms.

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