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Dr. Julia Greenspan published “Rising Above Lyme Disease” January 2019 which is a comprehensive guide to assist patients and their families find solutions to issues facing those with tick borne disease.  She provides a foundational treatment plan to simplify a very complex constellation of disease which spill over into mold biotoxin illnesses and other facets of environmental illnesses.  

She understands that long-term chronic illness can create or trigger post-traumatic stress disorders which are important to acknowledge stemming from personal traumas, isolation, socioeconomic, societal, financial, and psychological issues impacted by chronic tick-borne infections.  

The COVID-19 crisis brought to light multisystemic illnesses where balancing the immune system and inflammatory processes are more important than ever. Doctors who have been treating chronic tick-borne infections, environmental illnesses, PANDAS/PANS, and mold biotoxin illnesses know very well the complexities facing our communities. “Rising Above Lyme Disease” is applicable to the rising epidemic of tick-borne infection as well as support for post-COVID symptoms as we emerge from the pandemic in the upcoming months.  

“In ‘Rising Above Lyme Disease’, Dr. Julia Greenspan provides an easy-to-understand guide and overview of classical and natural therapies for those with tick-borne illness. This book is a must read for those wanting to understand how to bridge the best of Western, Eastern and natural approaches”

Dr. Richard Horowitz, MD

NY Times and National Best selling author of “How Can I Get Better? An Action Plan for Treating Resistant Lyme and Chronic Disease”

St Martin’s Press 2017

“So many people are suffering from Lyme Disease. And it is oftentimes confusing to know where to begin looking for treatment options. Dr. Julia Greenspan wrote an incredible book that is so clearly written and with such compassion. Readers will find a roadmap of how to start healing from this disease that creates so many mysterious symptoms. Julia gives many different suggestions from alternative treatments to working with the classic medical model. This book has a wealth of helpful information that is so needed right now!”

Sandra Ingerman, MA
Shamanic Teacher

Author of 12 books including “The Book of Ceremony”

What we know about the novel virus COVID-19

I believe I’ve sat at my computer and started to write this about 3 or 4 times over the last several weeks. As information comes along and massive amounts of non-factual information infests the internet and social media platforms, I have decided to just write what we know to help us focus on what we need to understand. I’ve listened to Dr. Anthony Fauci speak many times on the topic and have been reading the CDC website like it’s my new favorite novel. And what I’ve found is that there are a few definite things we know about this Corona Virus that we need to make sure everyone understands.

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Natural Medicine Services

Naturopathic Doctors are trained in general family practice to address routine conditions. We can provide a balance of conventional medical knowledge with alternative holistic thinking. We work with the mindset of prevention and support the body’s ability to heal with immune supportive herbs, homeopathy, appropriate supplements, and pharmaceutical medications when necessary.

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